Annual Meeting Notice Update

Attention Pelican Reef Owners:

There was a typo in the first notice of annual stating that there are 2 (two) open positions on the Board for 2018. Please note there are actually 3 (three) positions open. Our apologies for any confusion.

The Board would also like to clarify that the Candidate Certification item 2 applies to any current, unresolved violations. Any previous violations that have been resolved would not apply.

Thank you!


Coyote Advisory #2

Coyotes were seen once again in the neighborhood over towards Fiddler Crab Lane.   They seem to be using neighborhood streets to move between marsh areas.  Residents are advised to watch out for their small pets and and children. Those with backyards open to the marsh may want to be extra vigilant if their pets and children are outside.  

If anyone relies on an electric fence remember the fence only keeps your pet in, it does not keep other animals out.   

It seems the most coyote activity is during early morning hours and dusk.

Coyote Spotted in Pelican Reef

Attention Pelican Reef Owners:

A coyote was spotted in the neighborhood on Sunday. It was chasing egrets and birds so is likely hungry. Owners should be cautious and make sure your pets are not at risk.

11-2-2017 BOD Meeting Agenda

Click here to view the agenda for the upcoming Board of Directors meeting being held in the Coastal Realty conference room at 9am on Thursday November 2nd.

Swale Maintenance & Drainage Issues

Click here to view an important and informative letter from your HOA President Chuck Steinell regarding swale maintenance and its effect on storm water drainage in the community.

Important Information About Storm Debris Removal

Attention Pelican Reef Home Owners,

Please ensure that all of your vegetative debris from Hurricane Irma is not put in bags. The city and county will not pick up your yard waste if it is bagged. Please pile it neatly on the curb.

On a separate note please be sure to put your own debris in front of your own property. Waste left in front of vacant lots will not be removed by the city of St. Augustine.

Thank you for your compliance.

Pelican Reef BOD and Management.

Important Information Regarding the Reopening of the Pier in Pelican Reef

Click here to view an important letter from your HOA Board of Directors.